The Order of Foundation

Chaplain 2The Order of Foundation is an errant civilian medical association sponsored by the Foundationalist Faith of Auman, the largest religious denomination in the Co-Prosperity Sphere. The Aumanii Armed Forces eschews the more traditional military medical branches in use by its competitors and accepts these adherents of the faith into its ranks to serve in non-combatant roles, primarily as doctors, nurses, combat medical technicians and stretcher bearers. While rendering aid to an Aumanii Shock Trooper’s physical injuries is their primary service in the Forces, the Order of Foundation also tends to the men’s spiritual wounds as well.

The Brother pictured here is seen clutching a copy of The Foundation, written by the legendary warrior, revered prophet and founding father of the Aumanii nation, Zemel’Caine. He also wears body armor typical of the Aumanii light infantry, a first aid bag and a snub nosed revolver for self defense.

Sculpted by Peder Bartholdy.


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